What to Look for When Booking a Southeast Asian Flight

Booking a flight to certain parts of Southeast Asia can be incredibly frustrating. Due to dozens of different factors, flights to certain countries can vary hugely in terms of price and blackout dates. For example, getting to Malaysia during certain holidays can be incredibly difficult. Also, the weather really affects which flights are available. When you’re looking to book a flight from Thailand to somewhere else in the region, you need to look at several different features.

Look For Flight Dates

It’s important to look for flight dates that are fitting in your schedule. This might seem obvious, but it’s a little less intuitive than it seems. Many websites will have similar airlines available but they’ll have vastly different flights available. That can be due to their contracts with airlines, different government regulations, and their specific criteria. In addition to having different flights, they might have different prices for the same flights. That is a result of various deals and arrangements. It’s important to do a little bit of shopping around to be sure you’re getting the best possible deal.

Look For Destinations

Certain websites have flights that only go to certain places. That could be a feature of various governmental contracts, agreements, and negotiations. Also, certain websites have more connections with certain governments. For example, one site might have a long established relationship with Myanmar, so they provide some of the best available flights and hotels. You just need to know which website has the best options.

Look For Payment Methods

It might seem kind of petty, but payment methods are incredibly important for two reasons: ease of pay and security. Security is probably your most important requirement. You need to know that your banking information is going to be safe from anyone who might have some kind of negative intentions with your information. That’s why you should do your business with an organization such as Thai Smile which guarantees secure transactions. Also, you want to do your business with an organization that guarantees many different payment methods so you can decide which is right for you.

Some people like to make a straightforward payment with a credit or debit card; that’s often the preferred method online. However, some people don’t like putting their card information online. Instead, they prefer Internet banks or even physical counter payments. A counter payment gives you absolute security since you can make your payment in person.

Look For Fees

So often, when you are booking a flight, you see a really great price and you jump on it. However, when you try to pay for your flight, you find a bunch of hidden fees. After the hidden fees, often called convenience fees or processing fees, you find that you’re paying much more than you thought. Then, on top of that, some websites charge a booking fee. After all of those different fees, your great price actually isn’t so great. 

You should pick a site that does not have any booking fees or hidden fees. You want a website that gives you an honest price up front.

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