Find the Best Campervan for Hire

A wonderful way to enjoy a holiday is in a campervan. When compared to a motorhome, these vehicles are much easier to manoeuvre. Some are built as conversion vans with a normal roof height, while others have extended roofs. Campers will also find units built on commercial vehicle chassis with either low-profile or an over-the-cab construction. Additionally, diverse campervans have unique layouts allowing them to accommodate different numbers of people. Understanding the different options allows users to choose the one that fits their needs the best.

Conversion Campervans

Drivers who normally drive smaller vehicles are often more comfortable driving a conversion campervan, because they are built on a van chassis, making them easier to manoeuvre and to park at your favourite attractions.

There are two common types of conversion campervans. The first type, including the VW Sandpiper, has a fixed roof. The disadvantage of this type of campervan hire in Brisbane is that they are harder to stand up inside, especially for taller adults. One advantage of these campervans is that you do not have to worry about going under low hanging objects, unlike with taller units where snagging something on top of the campervan is easier. The second type of conversion campervan is the raised roof option, like the Toyota Hitop. These units tend to be easier to manoeuvre in and usually contain more storage space.

Over-the-Cab Campervans

Over-the-cab campervans are built on a commercial vehicle chassis, making them larger units that some drivers find harder to manoeuvre. However, most come with automatic transmission and power steering, which help eliminate this problem. Models such as the VW Discovery usually offer the ability to sleep more people when compared to conversion campervans. They usually also have more living space, allowing people to spread out more during their holiday. Many have large windows that are perfect for enjoying the beauty that nature supplies.

Other Considerations for Campervan Hire

Before making a final decision, it is important to choose the right company to work with during your holiday. The company that you choose should be able to suggest itineraries for you to enjoy. Those looking for short trips from Brisbane may want to consider a beautiful drive to enjoy exploring the cultural hub of Hobart, or want to head to all that Sydney has to offer. Those looking for a longer holiday may enjoy exploring Australia’s Outback or attending the Gympie Music Muster.

While most holidays happen with absolutely no trouble, you will still be expected to have insurance on the vehicle. There are many options in insurance, so spend some time deciding which option fits your needs the best. Consider if an open imprint credit card or a debited coverage is right for you. Additionally, you can often expect to have to pay a security deposit upfront.

You will be anxious to begin on your holiday, so make sure to check for a campervan company that has convenient locations. There is nothing worse than being stuck in traffic getting to the rental location instead of being able to enjoy your holiday as you cruise from one beautiful stop to the next.

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