The Nostalgic Thai Burma Railway Bridge and the River Kwai

The famous bridge that is built on the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi and the starting point of the Death Railway is a reminder of thousands of POW’s and forced laborers who lost their lives during World War II. On this full day guided tour with Viator, you will have the chance to take a ticket to the past and relive the memory through a local train ride.

The local train ride (credits:

The tour started in Bangkok, you get a pick up at your city hotel and the train will head westwards for Kanchanaburi which is 130 kilometers west of Bangkok. The province itself is mostly a rich agricultural area with seemingly endless plantations of pineapple, rice paddies and sugar cane. Altogether they form a magnificent rural landscape, typical in Northern Thailand.

The famous bridge over the River Kwai as well as the starting point of the Death Railway is only less than 1 kilometer outside of Kanchanaburi. Built in 1943, the bridge is a witness of the Japanese wartime project to connect the railway lines of Thailand and Burma to create a direct route from the two capitals, Bangkok to Rangoon. During the process of building the railway, thousands of POW’s and laborers died. The tour will enable you to visit the Allied War Grave cemeteries (this is an emotional experience). Afterwards, pay a visit to the JEATH war museum, which houses various paintings and pictures from war time period.

The war cemetery (credits:

After the train ride, you will go on a speed boat ride to head for the famous bridge itself. Here you will have ample time to explore at your own leisure.

This is a perfect day tour for war buffs, history buffs or rail enthusiasts.

Some additions during the trip:

Local Thai lunch
Tour guides to show you history insights

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