Best Beers Through Southeast Asia

     1.  Beer Laos
First bottled in 1973, Beer Laos has been a popular among both expats and locals. With 5% alcohol volume, only best ingredients: French malts, German hops and dry yeast, spring water from Himalayas and local polished rice, which is the unique blend. For those are interested in experiencing the beverage of Southeast Asia, Beer Laos definitely touches your sense of thirsty or desire of exploration.

      2. Beer Huda
Well known as the official beer in Hue, Huda Beer is often served cold. Its name is a combination between “Hu” from “Hue” and “da” from Denmark in Vietnamese. It is another partner of Carlsberg in Vietnam with high quality and a very attractive flavor.

3. Chang Beer
Malty flavor, slight sweetness with hints of grains and hops.
There are three kinds of Chang Beer: classic, draught and light. Classic peaks alcohol volume of 6.4%, Draught is slightly weaker ranging from 5% to 6.4% and Chang Light with 4% alcohol. Chang Beer is an excellent combination with Thailand street foods.

     4. Angkor Beer
Angkor Beer has been made and bottled since the 1960s and become the popular “taste” of Cambodia. It prides itself on being the National Beer of Cambodia. you can enjoy while waiting for severed foods. The “happy hour” (lasts from 6pm onwards) is the best time for visitors enjoying beer and find the alive Siem Reap in the evening.


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