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Through history, from the oldest times till now, a man has always had a constant need for exploring new regions and cultures. This unquenchable thirst for new adventures provokes us to visit distant locations in order to experience something completely different. Here are several suggestions of the world’s most interesting adventure spots that are simply waiting for all thrill-seekers.
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Namibia: Feel the Beauty of the Mighty Desert

If you are interested in vast spaces covered by sand, where wilderness dominates over everything, maybe Namibia is the perfect spot for your new adventure. This country in South Africa, whose western board is situated at the Atlantic Ocean, offers you numerous super-exciting experiences. The entire Namibian landscape is characterized by its hyper-arid spots, such as famous Kalahari and Namib deserts. Winds blowing in this area have created the world’s highest dunes, which look bewitching. Here you can find yourself in the unexpected contact with herds of elephants, black rhinos and lions, which will definitely be one of those unforgettable memories. In Namibia, many beginner courses of mountain biking safari are organized and they pose a real enjoyment for tourists from various parts of the world.
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Papua New Guinea: the Power of Cultural Exchange

Travelling doesn’t mean just spending countless hours at the beach or in a luxurious hotel. It should be more than that. If you love travelling in order to learn something about other people’s culture, customs, traditions and history, Papua New Guinea is great for you. Here, Papuans will show you numerous things you have never seen before, such as Baining fire-dancers. If you are lucky, you will get a chance to witness the procedure of tribal tattooing, which is characteristic for this Oceanian country. Who knows, maybe you would wish to get one.
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New Zealand: Earthly Paradise

New Zealand has always been famous for its dazzling landscapes, full of vibrant nature. This Paradise on Earth offers you numerous chances to experience the beauty of adventure travel. Here, many hiking and walking vacations are organized, from gigantic mountains of Nelson Lakes National Park to the immaculate beaches situated at the Abel Tasman Coast Track.
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Israel: Breaks All Stereotypes

If you think that Israel doesn’t offer amusement and various enterprises to the tourists, you are wrong. Although is famous for the pilgrimage, Israel offers us much more than that. Let’s start with the water sports at the beaches of Mediterranean Sea, many adventures at the Dead Sea, as well as hiking. Also, Israel is well-organized and economically developed country, which will offer you safe accommodation and unforgettable, wild nightlife.
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Antarctica: Hostile Environment Seen in a Better Light

For those who love landscapes covered with snow and ice, maybe Antarctica is a best solution. You have to be courageous and reckless enough in order to go for such extreme endeavor. Once you get there, you will see nothing but whiteness all around you. There is no vegetation, no wildlife. The only possible encounter you might have is with penguins and nothing more. There, only few happenings take place, but they are fascinating. One of them is the annual Ice Marathon, probably the strangest thing in the whole world. If you find it challenging, maybe you should try racing in such a hostile environment. There is one thing you need to keep in mind all the time- follow all instructions given by professionals, because your life literally depends on what you wear and how you behave.

Finally, these are just some of the possible adventure destinations that will release your lust for conquering new territories and meeting completely different conditions and tradition. After all, you only have to choose the destination according to your tastes, get informed and the adventure may begin!

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