10 Interesting Facts about Thailand

Although much have been told about Thailand, the temples of Chiang Mai, the street food in Bangkok and the myriad beaches and islands in the south, there're still some facts that people don't know about this country. Here're 10 of them:
1. Thailand used to be called Siam until 1949
2. The word "Thailand" means "Lands of the Free"
3. Thailand is the world's largest rice exporter

4. Muay Thai, the national sport is called "the art of eight limbs"!

5. Bangkok's real name is recognized as the world's longest name.

6. Thais must keep their heads lower than older people
7. 9 out of 10 people in Thailand follow Buddhism

8. Leaving your house without underwear on is illegal in Thailand
9. Stepping on Thai banknotes is illegal too (the picture of Thai's king is printed on every banknote)

10. Another act that violates the law in Thailand is driving shirtless.

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