Not only Son Doong, Tu Lan Cave in Quang Binh is also a Highlight

Tu Lan cave is breathtakingly beautiful but the journey to conquer the cave system is also very difficult and risky.

Vietnam beauty is everywhere! From the border land in the Northern with rock plateau of Ha Giang, gorgeous yellow terraced rice fields in harvest season, quaint villages in the northern midlands, white sandy beaches stretching in the Central, luxuriant bustling fruit orchards in the South... So many amazing sites by great Mother Nature’s hand make people overwhelmed! 

Mentioning the incredible magnificent artworks of the nature, everyone will think about places like imposing and mysterious caves of Phong Nha - Ke Bang, Son Doong... However, few people know that in Quang Binh there is a cave system which is also pretty, wild and attractive - Tu Lan caves system, located in the village of Tan Hoa, Minh Hoa district, Quang Binh province.

Located about 70km to the northwest of Phong Nha, Tu Lan caves system has newly discovered since 2009, therefore it remains intact with wild beauty of nature that few places have: the breathtaking forest, the river, the great grotto arches.... Tu Lan is mysterious but really attractive...

If you love exploring and be ready for a trip of a lifetime, put Tu Lane in your bucket list to go! The conquest to Tu Lan is never easy and boring. You will have to go deep into the forest, through the lush green rice paddies, to the valley deep in the forest, and then swim across so many streams. Your clothes will be dry then be wet, and wet then dry. To come to Tu Lan, you not only need the full protection outfit, but above all  - the ingenuity, perseverance, and of course the passion to discover.

This is not an easy experience, so make sure you are healthy and experienced enough in trekking, you also need good swimming skill because cave systems of Tu Lan is different from Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park System’s. Tu Lan caves are located quite low with many streams and rivers which are always full of water. That means you will have to cross spring sand then climb mountains continuously. Remember carefully that explore Tu Lan is not simply a normal trip: you not only just walk, you have to swim, go hiking, climb, even swing – it’s truly an amazing adventure like in a movie. 

Like any other journey, you will have your achievement after all. If you go to the mountain,  at the end of the climbing, you can stand on the top and see the world below. After you overcome the long road to Tu Lan, you can swim in the cool underground spring water and see stalactites in the cave. 

The last stop of this trail is a dry cave with very large arch, with two adjoining doors allowing sunlight shines deep inside, and you can see magnificent stalactites and cave with many shapes and sizes. Lots of stalactite and stalagmite columns seem to be covered with glittering iridescent paint or carved with diamonds! Such an unspeakable beauty!

Tu Lan journey takes about 4 days and 3 nights, and a lot of effort, willpower, but in return, you will have abundant experience, knowledge and great memories!

Elephant Village Sanctuary in Luang Prabang

If you are in a Luang Prabang travel, Elephant Village Sanctuary is a fantastic place with several interesting activities with the lovely elephants that you shouldn’t miss in the Kingdom of a Million Elephants, Laos.

The Elephant Village Sanctuary – The Home for Wild Elephant

The Elephant Village Sanctuary is also best known as the Elephant Park Project. It is located near the Nam Khan River’s banks and offers as a wildlife refuge for elephants in Laos due to the brutal logging work. Or in other words, the Elephant Village Sanctuary gives a home as a place for elephant reserve and other care services for both disabled and not disabled elephants to recover at on – site by fulltime vet. 

More Information about the Elephant Village Sanctuary

The village is located near the Nam Khan River’s banks in a lush river valley. Functioning as the sanctuary, the village opens for public to see interesting programs with convenient services including lunch, refreshments, and proper accommodation that surely will make your Laos tours more comfortable.

Tiger Trail Outdoor Adventures provides several excursions with a half - day or a two – day - tour such as elephant riding, elephant trekking, and a mahout experience, etc. However, whatever trip you book will go towards ensuring the benefits for both animals of this sanctuary and many staff employed from the local villages to make a perfect trip. 

Here you can have a great opportunity to close the lovely elephants in Laos, the Kingdom of a Million Elephants. You will know how to control an elephant in one – day mahout tour by taking part in basic mahout training and joining in elephant ride through the lush forest in one – hour. Also, don’t forget to enjoy a trip to the Tad Sae waterfall nearby. You can contact your Laos tour operator to arrange for you.

Besides, you can extend your journey into 2 days to enjoy additional interesting opportunities such as bath your elephant in Nam Khan River as well as have evening ride to take the elephant to their home in the jungle. Moreover, there is also a full day elephant excursion including a trek to the Train of Falls - the beautiful natural mountain stream providing cool water for the Tad Sae Waterfall.

To make your journey more exciting, you can take part in a combined trip such as cycling from a forest temple throughout villages to the sanctuary and then stopping at the waterfall. Also, playing kayak is a fantastic activity within 3 hours following your elephant ride.

Good Things to Know

Situation: Situated 15km southeast of Luang Prabang near to the Nam Khan River in the village of Xieng Lom.
Remarks: The Elephant Village Sanctuary is private and has no support from any organizations. Therefore all proceeds from your visit will make a support to these elephants.

Travel to Mang Den, Another Version of Dalat in Vietnam

In the sunny days of this summer, while Dalat is crowded by large tourists and hard to find accommodation, then why don’t you try to go holiday in Mang Den, also a beautiful destination like Dalat. 

Mang Den is a town of Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province, having primary forests, and numerous lakes and waterfalls. It owns the cool climate all year-round, so it is very suitable for tourists to avoid the heat of the summer.

Located at an altitude of 1,100 - 1,400m above sea level, about 50km from Kon Tum city, amidst the beautiful scenery of endless pine forests and wild flowers, Mang Den is always chilly all time and has quiet space.

Coming to Mang Den, you will be given a chance to travel on the winding road with lush green pine groves lined on the roadsides and smell turpentine mixed into the air, the sweet sound of birds chirping, cool climate bearing a pristine trait of majestic mountains and forests. Thus, Mang Den is preferred by many tourists and called as Dalat of Kon Tum. Photo: sodababy

Mang Den is located between two mountain passes of Violak and Mang Den, on top of the Truong Son Mountain, so it has the mild climate of the eastern and western of Truong Son Mountain. Mang Den has total area of 140.000ha, and has no many populations. Far away 1km from the center of Kon Plong district, tourists can admire the vast green vegetation mixed with the purple color of Rhodomyrtus tomentosa on the hills, along with dozens of lakes in the far distance and majestic waterfalls.

People also call this land as "seven lakes, three waterfalls", the name was associated with the legend of God pling, who created this place. Seven lakes are Toong Ly Leng, Toong Ziu, Toong Zơ Ri, Toong Săng, Toong Pô, Toong Đam and Đak Ke, along with three waterfalls are Pa Sỹ, Đak Ke and Đak Pne.

Among the endless pine hills, tourists can see a few dozen of villas hidden in the white mist. These villas are planned to construct, so they do not affect to the beauty of Mang Den, and instead, they contributed to make Mang Den more mysterious and elegant.

Apart from discovering the waterfalls, streams and lakes, you also can not fail to visit a 30-70 year-old pine forest. Tourists can take a walk in the lush pine forest, admire the Rhodomyrtus tomentosa, a colorful type of flower on the roadsides. Along the way to get to the primary forest, you can watch wild orchids.

Mang Den will bring you a big surprise, and you will be overwhelmed by its majestic with steep downhill, abyss, rolling mountain and jungle, murmuring streams, and cool climate all year-round.

You have to pass over many steep passes to get to Mang Den, if you travel by motorbike, you remember to bring raincoat and drive carefully as the road is often cloudy. The highest temperature is about 22 degrees Celsius, so tourists also remember to bring coat in the necessary case.

Mang Den is designated as one of the most beautiful destination to admire stars in Vietnam. If you travel to Mang Den in the good weather, when it is dry and not cloudy, and then you should choose a spacious balcony or a lawn to immerse yourself in the romantic space of a sky full of stars.

Mang Den owns the pristine and pure beauty like the beauty of the young girls of the mountain area: simplicity, rusticity and innocence. Thus, ecotourism is a key strength of the region.

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Pu Luong Retreat – The Best Eco Resort in Thanh Hoa

Escaping from the boiling heat of the summer in Hanoi, Pu Luong Retreat will give you the most relaxing moments amidst the magnificent scenery of dense mountains and cool space that has not too noisy.

Pu Luong Retreat is located in Pu Luong Nature Reserve, belonging to Don village, Thanh Lam commune, Ba Thuoc district, Thanh Hoa provice of Vietnam. This eco resort is recently becoming a hot destination for young visitors in the North of Vietnam. 

Pu Luong Retreat owns 8 beautiful bungalows nestled near beautiful terraces. All of them have good views overlooking the lush central valley spotted with the ethnic villages.  When you get up early in the morning, you will be impressed by soft fogs and white floating clouds as well as bright lights of the sunrise in the distance. 

Pu Luong Retreat is designed in the eco-tourism model, so it has no air-conditioners, no televisions, no fridges, and no modern entertaining services. This place ensures to make you the most comfortable feelings and you can completely escape from the bustling pace of modern life and free to immerse yourself in the atmospheric and romantic space of nature.

It takes about 4-5 hours to travel on the way of 190km from Hanoi to Pu Luong Nature Reserve. Along the way, you will feel the changes from the modern life to the peaceful life amid beautiful nature. 

Pu Luong Retreat offers many interesting activities, which are associated with nature and life discovery such as kayaking, trek stunning trails through traditional villages and vast rice terraces, experience bamboo rafting, ride on thrilling bike trails, explore stunning caves, magnificent waterfalls. Also there are many beautiful places as well as trails waiting you to discover. 

In addition, overflow swimming pool is considered one of the favorite sites for many people as it owns charming view and natural source of water.

• Enjoy a nice video about Pu Luong Nature Reserve

14 Great Things Make You Love Laos

1. Sitting in a boat on the Mekong River at the sunset

14 Great Things Make You Love Laos

Because Laos is not situated near any seas, it makes sense when the river is regarded as the soul of the country. If you have the opportunity to sit on a boat down the Mekong River, especially at the sunset, you can see the small village where local people live and have daily activities.

2. The wild beauty of Phongsaly

14 Great Things Make You Love Laos

Phongsaly is located at the northern Laos. Because it is not affected by commercial activities, tourists can explore the pristine beauty of the people and the mountains here.

3. The mysterious Plain of Jars

14 Great Things Make You Love Laos

The Plain of Jars in Xieng Khouang, Laos is a place of mystery. It is a famous tourist attraction in Laos. No one can explain why these strange jars are placed here. However, it is widely said that this is the cemetery of the old people (from the Stone Age).

4. The waterfall in Bolaven Plateau

14 Great Things Make You Love Laos

Bolaven Plateau is in the southern Laos. It is known as the "coffee heaven". Especially, there are many beautiful waterfalls located deep in the jungle. The waterfalls here have several levels and own a spectacular beauty.

5. Luang Prabang - the city with many ancient landmarks

14 Great Things Make You Love Laos

Although Laos does not have many magnificent temples like in Cambodia, the temples in Laos have a unique and creative design. You will easily encounter a roadside temple when traveling to Laos. The best place for you to visit the temples in Laos is Luang Prabang - the ancient city of beautiful heritages.

6. The unique cuisine of Laos

14 Great Things Make You Love Laos

Lao cuisine is fresh and the food is simply cooked. However, the taste is still delicious and different. You can try some famous dishes such as: papaya salads, Lao Pho, meat with vegetables and so on. Under the influence of the French culture during the war, Lao dishes are often eaten in combination with bread. Especially, beer is the favorite drink in Laos.

7. Exploring the caves in Vang Vieng

14 Great Things Make You Love Laos

People say that Vang Vieng is a "paradise" attracting millions of backpackers from all over the world. With beautiful scenery, Vang Vieng riverside town is a place where young people gather to conquer spectacular caves and wonderful waterfalls.

8. The ideal place for "Trekking"

14 Great Things Make You Love Laos

Laos is covered by dense forests, so it will be the ideal place for those who like challenges. This also is an opportunity for tourists to explore the most remote villages with unique traditions.

9. Shopping in Savannakhet

14 Great Things Make You Love Laos

Savannakhet is one of the famous places where the series of stores were built in ancient French style. This place will be an interesting destination for the shopaholics.

10. The beauty of Pha That Luang

Pha That Luang is the name of a massive stupa in Vientiane. It is an important monument and is also a great pride for the Laotian people. It was built in the 16th century. These great temple towers after experiencing ups and downs of history still keep their architectural beauty. Pha That Luang attracts a huge number of travelers every year.

11. The beautiful landscape of Si Phan Don

Si Phan Don is a vast archipelago located in the southernmost Laos. With 4,000 different islands, Si Phan Don gives travelers a beautiful breathtaking picture. Visitors will never forget the extraordinary beauty of Si Phan Don if they have a chance to come here

12. The beauty of the sacred temple- Wat Phou

Wat Phou is the oldest temple in Laos. It was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001. This ancient temple was dated from the 5th century. It used to be the heart of Hinduism, praising Shiva God. Wat Phou is also called the "Mount Temple” because it is located at the foot of Phou Kao Mount which is away from the capital Vientiane 670 km to the south.

13. The ancient beauty of Wat Xieng Thong temple

As a beautiful and important temple in Luang Prabang, it is well-known for the Lao typical architecture. Wat Xieng Thong is the main temple, surrounded by other small shrines which have the same architecture. This temple complex creates a beautiful landscape.

14. The traditional textile products

Tourists traveling to Laos are very excited to watch the embroidered and hand-woven products. Each nation has its own characteristics shown in each of their handmade products. Lao artists make unique souvenirs and hand-made beautiful items so that every visitor will remember Laos as a wonderful nation with lovely products, stunning views and friendly people.

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Ha Giang, Vietnam in Water Season

Ha Giang is famous for stunning terraced rice fields, especially the period from May to June maybe the most beautiful time of these rice fields because of water covering.

Ha Giang is not only famous for beautiful terraced rice fields but also best known as Dong Van Karst Plateau and the winding passes. Ma Pi Leng is also one of the best passes, which will give you the fantastic moments when releasing yourself in nature of winds, sunshine, and soft clouds. Indeed, it is really a worth pass for you to conquer. 

From Hanoi or Lao Cai to Ha Giang is just only 6 – hour travel and if you are planning a trip to get to Sapa, then the route of Lao Cai – Ha Giang will be the perfect choice with the shorter distance from Hanoi and the same time of traveling due to the rough terrain. On the way, you will see the spectacular beauty of nature with dense mountains and peaceful villages. 

There are also many interesting sites when you are in Ha Giang such as Vuong Mansion which was built in 1019 during 10 – year construct with the total funds of 150 billion VND. Visiting the mansion, you will see the hill outcrop with tortoiseshell shape and the green Sa Moc trees surrounding the mansion over many years.

The Dong Van Old Quarter is also the best place in Ha Giang, which was constructed in the early 20th century with the Chinese architecture. This is the residence for ethnic minorities of Mong and Tay along with Chinese and other groups of people living here.

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The Amazing An Lac Primary Forest

Bac Giang not only owns traditional beauty of ancient land but also is favored by nature for the dreamy sceneries of mountains, waterfalls. And An Lac is the typical example of this province.  

A gift of nature with favorable natural conditions

Ro – a natural ravine, which is considered a masterpiece of nature belonging to the mountain area of Tay Yen Tu (Bac Giang). Here you will hear the sound of murmuring water, which seems to break the quiet space of An Lac. Indeed, Ro ravine is a good place for many visitors.

When coming into An Lac, your first impression is the stilt houses nestled beside the streams in the spacious space of luxuriant green forest. 

An Lac is also the home of ethnic minorities, mostly Tay ethnic group is living here ( 80%), and other groups including Nung, Cao Lan, San Chi as well as a few of Kinh people.

Things to do in An Lac

The landscapes in An Lac are so quiet that you just hear the birdsong, sound of water, but it isn’t less romantic thanks to the primary forests, streams and simple houses along with the fruit gardens surrounding.

On the way of discovering, you will have a great opportunity to swim in the clear water of stream allowing you to see the bottom.

Hiking throughout the trails into the lush forest, you will see the big stilt house, a stopover for lunch. The house is built by rangers and authority and designed with the beautiful scenery of large lake in front and lush trees around. Here you can enjoy your lunch with prepared food at home or special cuisine of Tay, Nung groups on your demand such as grilled chicken wrap land, fried vegetable, pork, etc.

In the late afternoon, you can choose overnight at home – stay in the local villages and get up early in the morning to feel the serene space of An Lac.

Vietnam Cambodia Laos Tours to Get You Extraordinary Moments

Have you ever thought about how much time you have wasted for the rest of your life so far? Wasting your time could mean your time spent to be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone while keeping anxiety in your mind over unexplained things. Or, it could also mean staying for ages inside your room while your friends or everyone you do not know have gone to extraordinary places.
If you agree with that idea, then it is a sign sent to you signaling your need to get up and pack your clothes. You should not spend your life devastatingly in one place you barely know even after 20 years. You do certainly have options to go out of your bed and fly to unimaginable places. Vietnam and Laos must be on the list.

Vietnam’s Lively Spots

Vietnam is one of Southeastern Asia countries lied on Indochina peninsula. This country is blessed with so many beautiful natural sights spread around its region. For instance, Nha Trang is a popular seaside town where many resorts have resided at the area to serve tourists from everywhere with the best hospitality.
Beautiful beaches are spread along the town, completed with clean sand and clear water. There is no doubt that it is going to be a good place to enjoy your short escape. Moving to Mui Ne, you will be welcomed by extraordinary view of sand dunes you probably will not find in other places. This is actually a village placed by a coastline.
Yet, because of natural gradual change, the spot has transformed into breathtakingly beautiful and unforgettable natural tourism attraction. Sunset will be your best companion at the dusk. Only by hiring the right Vietnam Cambodia Laos travel, you can enjoy all those stuffs.

Laos’s Most Attractive Destinations

Laos is also one of Indochina countries, where you will be able to find an ultimate serenity. Its calmness is engraved on its Si Phan Dong, where a huge number of islands are located. Yet, the stream breaking all those islands is actually part of Mekong River which also passes across Vietnam. Even waterfalls are formed at several parts of the long line of the stream, inhibited by beautiful water creatures such as Irrawaddy dolphins.

Going with reliable Vietnam Laos tours, you can also have an opportunity to visit Pha That Luang, a mesmerizing monument in Los. It has magnificent terraces built in the 16th century but still standing so gracefully now.

A Vietnamese Travel Agency Can Help You Plan a Dream Holiday

One of the places in the world that you should consider visiting is Vietnam. If you are not quite sure where to go on holiday, then Vietnam remains one country that is a must-see holiday destination. You can also find tours and trip packages that are designed for travelers who wish to experience Vietnam’s culinary and cultural delights. Ethical holidays, family holidays, and luxury holidays are featured in travel packages as well.

Breathtaking Landscapes
If you have never travelled to Vietnam, then you only have to ask the people who have been to the country or read testimonials about the escape. One of the reasons travelers visit the country is because it is home to breathtaking landscapes.
Vietnam is a hidden gem that reveals its beauty in such places as Halong Bay, the Phong Nha Ke Bang caves, and the Cham islands. Another site that is too beautiful to miss is Da Lat. Visitors feel like they have landed in Europe when they see the French-style villa homes sitting beside a pine forest and surrounded by a strawberry garden. Whether you visit a popular site or find a place off the beaten track, you cannot help but notice the loveliness and serenity of the countryside.
A Friendly Welcome
Like many of its neighbors, Vietnam’s treasure is its people. Wherever visitors travel, they are welcomed by warm smiles and unique personalities. For instance, people from Hoi An are regarded for their honesty whilst the local farmers in the Mekong Delta receive visitors with friendly hospitality.
Budget Travel to a Five-Star Hotel
Schedule a tour or holiday to Vietnam by contacting a Vietnamese travel agency. An agency can assist you in getting an affordable accommodation. Vietnam is known to be a dream trip for anyone who is on a budget. Prices suit just about every traveler's wallet. For example, a five-star resort hotel in Da Nang costs about the same as a three-star property near the JFK Airport in New York City.
If you need an even more economical place to stay, you might consider the guest-houses and hostels that are featured in most cities. Food costs are low and the street food is considered among the best in the world. Even if you are travelling in the larger metro areas, such as Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, you can live on about $15 per day.
French Drip Coffee
If you love coffee, then you won’t want to miss a trip to Vietnam. Whilst you won’t find Starbucks in the country, you can enjoy a French drip coffee, a brew that is notably found on every street in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Black coffee (ca phe den) and iced coffee with milk (cap he sua da) are both specialties.

When all is said and done, you simply won’t find a travel experience like the one you will discover in Vietnam. Whether you choose to go into a remote area or view the sunrise in Hoi An, you will always discover something new and exciting to see. Speak to a travel consultant about the country’s various tours, such as cycling trips or educational getaways. Get acquainted with the foods, culture, and the people before you fly or set sail to your South East Asian escape.

Paradise for travelling - Vietnam and Cambodia

After the long hard-working period of time, if you want to find beautiful places for relaxation and entertainment, a Vietnam-Cambodia tours will be the ideal choice for you. With different characteristics and landscapes, Vietnam and Cambodia are two wonderful countries that everyone is highly recommended to travel once in their life’s time.

Firstly, coming to Vietnam, from the North to the south, there are numerous famous tourist attractions for you to choose. However, three most outstanding places that most of Vietnamese are strongly proud of are Ha Long Bay, SaPa and Nha Trang

1. Ha Long Bay

Not only is Ha Long Bay beautiful by its poetic beauty and numerous limestone islands floating on the water, it also gives visitors a sense of peace when being immersed in stunning landscapes. Rated as one of the world's 29 most beautiful bays, on 3/2012, the New Open World organization also officially recognized Ha Long Bay as one of the seven new natural wonders of the world.

2. Sa Pa

Sa Pa is a town in the northwest highland of Vietnam, where the beautiful terraced fields stretch as ladders. With its spectacular dreamy natural landscapes, mysterious love markets and rich and unique cuisine, Sa Pa gets incredible loves and admirations from most of the tourists coming here. In 2009, Travel and Leisure Magazine (USA) voted Sa Pa rice terraces as 1 of 7 most beautiful and magnificent terraces in Asia and over the world. In the beginning of 11/2013, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and tourism also decided to rate Sa Pa as the National heritage.

3. Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a coastal city and capital of Khanh Hoa Province, on the South Central Coast of Vietnam. Nha Trang is well known for its beaches and scuba diving and has developed into a popular destination for international tourists, attracting large numbers of visitors, as well as more affluent travelers in the world. Nha Trang not only owns the extraordinary natural landscape with the white sands and fantasy coral ecosystem, but it is also famous by many ancient Cham temples, quiet museums in the heart of the city

More noticeably, every region, every road in Cambodia brings about many mysterious myths and stories. Therefore, the country has countless temples and famous tourist attractions. You will be inevitably amazed at the magnificent Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, or the world heritage Angkor Wat in Siem Reap and more surprised at the beautiful sunset on the coast of the city of Sihanouk Ville

1. Siem Reap

Siem Reap is reputable tourist city of Cambodia with countless famous scenic spots and the Angkor (officially known as the Angkor Archaeological Park) recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. It is a pleasant place to stay while touring the temples and observing Cambodian life and enjoying the amenities of modern services and entertainment in this city

2. Royal Palace, Phnom Penh

As one of the attractions that visitors can not miss when they visit Phnom Penh, the palace construction was started after the King Norodom moving the capital from Oudong to Phnom Penh. Royal Palace, Phnom Penh is a complex of buildings, the residence of the royal family. This is also the place where normally the national essential ceremonies take place. Opening hours are from 8am to 11am and 14pm – 17pm

3. Complex of Angkor

With dozens of towers located in a large area of Siem Reap town which is about 10 minutes driving, Angkor is an architectural work of art coming into legends. Here, you maybe get lost in an ancient world of thousands of years BC to with luxurious palaces, the elephant arena, giant Buddha statues with different moods of sadness, thinking and sufferings. There are 3 different types of tickets: 1 day (20 USD), 3 days (40 USD) and 7 days (60 USD), opening from 5pm – 18pm daily. And a note is that because of very vast Angkor complex, after buying an entrance ticket, visitors should rent electric bicycles ($ 6 /day) or take a taxi (about $ 8 / day) or tuk-tuk cars $ 12/day for easily travelling

4. Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville is a port city and a famous beach resort located on the Gulf of Thailand, Cambodia. This city attracts tourists by white sand beaches and warm tropical islands surrounded by palm trees. Sihanoukville is a suitable tourist destination for tourists to choose to rest, relax and avoid the heat of the tropical climate

It is obvious that a Vietnam-Cambodia tour will make you satisfied, excited and relaxed when wandering these beautiful landscapes. Vietnam and Cambodia have their own wonderful beauty and unique features. Learning more about history and legends of each place you visit will provide you with special feeling and understanding the greatness of these two nations.